Wednesday, November 10, 2010

cadbury dairy milk shubh arambh advertisement review

Cadbury dairy milk advertisement

About the company

 Cadbury India is a fully owned subsidy of Kraft Foods Inc. It offers snacks, confectionery and quick meals. 

About the product

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk (milk chocolate bar)

Advertisement agency

Oglivy and Mather (directed by Vinil Mathew of Foot Candles).


Advertisement Storyline

The new commercial is set in a middle class housing society, and opens with a middle aged couple stepping out of their house. But all of a sudden, the wife gets nervous and hides behind the door. The husband looks at her in astonishment, to which the wife replies that she cannot step out wearing jeans, as she's worried about what the neighbours and her mother-in-law would say. The husband offers her a cube of cadbury Dairy Milk and tells her that his mother would say to have something sweet before starting a good work, so that the work may end well. The wife takes a bite of the cube and reluctantly smiles at him. The husband then points towards the exit and she timidly steps out with him. Just then, a young neighbour notices her and compliments her. The commercial ends with the woman receiving the compliment with some degree of confidence and pride. The voice over then states, “Shubh Aarambh. Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye.” (Auspicious start. Eat something sweet.)
Shubh Arambh campaign
Cadbury Dairy Milk launched a new campaign, “Shubh Aarambh” ON 2ND July, 2010. This is the second commercial launched by Cadbury Dairy Milk and Ogilvy & Mather under the umbrella of the “Shubh Aarambh” campaign. The campaign is based on the concept of the Indian tradition of having something sweet before every auspicious occasion, with the belief that it leads to a favourable outcome. The first advertisement under this campaign showed a boy having dairy milk before asking a girl out.

Advertisement review

1.       Creativity:  The advertisement is creative in the sense of its ability to connect with the viewers with help of a situation which is very common and yet not captured fully by other advertisers. The settings are typically middle class and the situation is something most of us have seen in their own family, either in the previous generation or in their own generation.  The creativity lies in the ability to bring out positive emotions among the viewers with a simple concept. The advertisement lacks creativity in terms of humour and punch lines.

2.       Execution: Given the situation shown in the advertisement, the execution is well carried out. The setting of a middle class housing society is well suited for such a situation as middle class housewives who live in such society care a lot about what their neighbours might say about them and their family. The neighbours in such societies are often inquisitive and comment if the social norms are broken. The middle aged couple shown in the advertisement looks natural in the situation. Both of them are simply dressed and the wife reflects the hesitation in doing something modern and new. The music in the background is traditional and suits the situation.

3.       Simplicity: The situation shown in the advertisement is very simple. It is the simplicity of the advertisement that strikes the viewers first. There is no fancy storyline, stunts, costumes or concept. Typical middle class housing society setting and middle aged ordinary looking couple is all that is shown in the advertisement and yet its successful in conveying the message of eating something sweet (dairy milk chocolate) for an auspicious start. Also the brand does not use any celebrity in the advertisement unlike its previous ads with Amitabh Bachhan.

4.       Emotional connect: The advertisement rates high on emotional connect with the viewers in the age group of above 20 years. The situation is something we all understand given the nature of Indian society. Middle aged couples will relate to it more than other people and it may not appeal much to kids and teenagers.

5.       Relevance:  The advertisement is relevant given the brand’s effort to shift from a chocolate that’s eaten while celebrating to a chocolate that should be consumed before any auspicious start. The situation shown in the ad has a universal appeal, though it might connect a little better with certain age profiles. It complements the previous commercial under the ad campaign which showed teenagers at a bus stand. So while the 'Bus Stop' may become more popular among youngsters, 'Jeans' might work a little better with the adults.
The ad is relevant given the shubh arambh campaign and “kuch meetha ho jaye” tagline of Dairy Milk. It would help in the effort of the brand to equate chocolates with sweets

6.       Memorability: The memorability of the advertisement may not be very high. The advertisement may strike you when you see it but it may not linger on your mind for long. It lacks humorous punch line, fancy props or an all together new concept. The advertisement is “sweet” but lacks “newness”.
Memorability in comparison to other recent advertisements of chocolates:
In my opinion, some of the advertisements launched by dairy milk’s competitors are more memorable. A recent ad by Nestle’s Kit-Kat shows the dance of two squirrels. Such ads have a greater memorability as they are discussed more often among the peer groups because of their creativity and humour.

7.       Interest: The advertisement may capture interest but not for long. After viewing it a few times, it loses your interest because of its lack of newness of concept or wacky lines. Further youngsters and kids may not relate to it much.

8.       Linkage to brand: The advertisement reinforces the occasion based positioning of Dairy Milk. The brand has been trying to position itself as a symbol of enjoyment and celebrations. Indians have the tradition of sharing sweets on auspicious occasions and on start of a venture. Dairy Milk very cleverly captured this tradition and incorporated into its brand story. The advertisement takes the brand to the core of this tradition linking Dairy Milk to Sweet and auspicious beginning. The advertisement also complements the dairy milk’s tag line of “kuch meetha ho jaye” (lets have something sweet!).

My twist

May be the advertisement could have shown involvement of children in the family as well.  The children and mother in law could have been shown encouraging the woman to go out in jeans. The involvement of children would have helped in connecting with the young viewers. The involvement of mother in law and a few humorous and encouraging lines by her would have added the much required humour. That would have made it a complete family affair.


The overall score I would give to this advertisement is 6.5/10.
The advertisement is simple and would connect well with middle aged population. It goes well with the occasion based positioning of dairy milk and complements the previous ad on youths.  It lacks youthfulness and the ability to maintain interest for long. It is not the kind of ad people discuss and remember for long.
The advertisement would surely help in strengthening the brand image of Dairy Milk. Its impact on sales would have been doubtful any other time of the year but given the arrival of festive season, the effort to equate chocolate with “meetha” (sweets) may bear fruits. Dairy milk is not only a chocolate for kids but adults alike. It can be given as a gift on occasions such as diwali. Hence the impact of this advertisement should be positive. “shumbh arambh. Kuch meetha ho jaye”!




  1. the ads of dairy milk are really senseless they all are very stupid kind as in one of the ads a pregnant woman asks her husband to have something sour then he says first have something sweet
    what is this? if she asked that i want to live then he might have killed her as he does everything opposite to her wife's wish as when she likes to eat sour, he gives her sweet. so its all rubbish

    1. haan bhai sahi baat hn.....saali tharki ho gyi....pagal aurat,..!! :p

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